Maserati Gran Cabrio MC & Gran Cabrio Sport

The most important car launch for Maserati during 2012

Shooting: Official movie + Advertisement Catalogue photos + press kit + making of
Locations: Almeria, Spain.

Production done for Maserati International, during the worldwide launch event of the Maserati Gran Cabrio MC.

This is one of the most significant and complex projects undertaken by “Mikel Prieto Productions”.

It all started with an original proposal by Maserati. We developed the entire project step by step, giving birth to an audiovisual masterpiece. We began with some research of the possible shooting locations and the pre-production. Then we moved onto the 10-day filming stage with a team of 15 individuals to then finalize the project with the post-production of images and video. The final results were exhibited during the official launch of the car which took place in the International Paris Motor Show.

Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport 2013 and Making of Maserati Gran Cabrio MC & Gran Cabrio Sport